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Table 1 Comparison of wireless mesh networks in Germany.

From: Challenges in Second-Generation Wireless Mesh Networks

Evaluation Parameter MagNets Freifunk Berlin Freifunk Weimar
Technical Deployment Planned Community Planned community
  Architecture 2-tier 1-tier 2-tier
  Mode 802.11super a/g 802.11bg 802.11abg
  Antennas Omni-/directional Omni- Omni-
  Backhaul Directional, freq. separated N.A. Freq. separated
  Bandwidth <62 Mbps <13 Mbps <15 Mbps
  Number of nodes 100 800+ 150
  Number of gateways Variable (up to 80) 15 15
  Gateway line speed 100 Mbps 1–16 Mbps 1–6 Mbps
  Average nodes per gateway 1–5 55 15
Economics Deployment Planned Community Planned community
  Cost per node >300 $ 50$ 50$
Social Line lease University Users Community
  AP authentication List Free List/trust
  User authentication 802.1x Free List/trust
  Firmware distribution Central Distributed Central
  Firmware status Homogeneous Heterogeneous Homogeneous
  Services Internet, IPTV, etc. Internet Internet