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A QoS-Aware Mesh Protocol for Future Home Networks Using Autonomic Architecture


Autonomic networking is an emerging approach for the research community to engineer systems and architectures that will increase the quality of service (QoS) and robustness of future network architectures. In this article, we investigate the key concept of adding a knowledge plane to enable the automated control and management of home resources taking into account wireless mesh topology basis. This new supplementary plane helps to make an intelligent decision to select network paths that have sufficient resources to satisfy the QoS requirements of the admitted connections.

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Correspondence to Tara Ali-Yahiya.

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Sethom, K., Ali-Yahiya, T., Laga, N. et al. A QoS-Aware Mesh Protocol for Future Home Networks Using Autonomic Architecture. J Wireless Com Network 2008, 386898 (2008).

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