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Table 1 Hardships encountered by elderly patients and their expected solutions.

From: Activity-Oriented Design of Health Pal: A Smart Phone for Elders' Healthcare Support

Hardships Cases Adhoc solutions Expected solutions
Memory degeneration Miss medicine doses Forget appointment schedules Take blood pressure readings irregularly Use means of reminders: notes, calendar, medicine boxes, and so on. Get help from friend and family members Scheduling aids Activity reminders
Information shortage Ignorant about personal ailment Lack of medicine, diet, or exercise information Unsure of appointment wait time Acquire "knowledge" from television, newspapers, or word of mouths Attempt to contact doctors or nurses in hospitals Make adhoc decisions Reliable on-line medical and lifestyle information Easy contact with healthcare professionals
Information management Forget doctor's advice Lose medical records Use handwritten notes on notepads or notebooks Personal data assistant Personal information manager and search engine
Emergency care Lack of on-time medical help Lack of personal medical history Wear emergency and first-aid bracelets Cell phone emergency call feature Cell phone medical history
Health condition monitor Unavailability of instruments Incapable of using instruments Ignore symptoms Try to ask for help (if possible) Call for emergency service (expensive) Handheld/Cell phone health monitors