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Cyclostationarity-Inducing Transmission Methods for Recognition among OFDM-Based Systems


This paper proposes two cyclostationarity-inducing transmission methods that enable the receiver to distinguish among different systems that use a common orthogonal frequency division multiplexing- (OFDM-) based air interface. Specifically, the OFDM signal is configured before transmission such that its cyclic autocorrelation function (CAF) has peaks at certain preselected cycle frequencies. The first proposed method inserts a specific preamble where only a selected subset of subcarriers is used for transmission. The second proposed method dedicates a few subcarriers in the OFDM frame to transmit specific signals that are designed so that the whole frame exhibits cyclostationarity at preselected cycle frequencies. The detection probabilities for the proposed cyclostationarity-inducing transmission methods are evaluated based on computer simulation when optimum and suboptimum detectors are used at the receiver.

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Maeda, K., Benjebbour, A., Asai, T. et al. Cyclostationarity-Inducing Transmission Methods for Recognition among OFDM-Based Systems. J Wireless Com Network 2008, 586172 (2008).

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