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An Efficient Differential MIMO-OFDM Scheme with Coordinate Interleaving


We propose a concatenated trellis code (TC) and coordinate interleaved differential space-time block code (STBC) for OFDM. The coordinate interleaver, provides signal space diversity and improves the codeword error rate (CER) performance of the system in wideband channels. Coordinate interleaved differential space-time block codes are proposed and used in the concatenated scheme, TC design criteria are derived, and the CER performances of the proposed system are compared with existing concatenated TC and differential STBC. The comparison showed that the proposed scheme has superior diversity gain and improved CER performance.

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Aksoy, K., Aygölü, Ü. An Efficient Differential MIMO-OFDM Scheme with Coordinate Interleaving. J Wireless Com Network 2008, 734258 (2007).

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