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Interference Aware Routing for Minimum Frame Length Schedules in Wireless Mesh Networks


The focus of this paper is on routing in wireless mesh networks (WMNs) that results in spatial TDMA (STDMA) schedules with minimum frame length. In particular, the emphasis is on spanning tree construction; and we formulate the joint routing, power control, and scheduling problem as a mixedinteger linear program (MILP). Since this is an -complete problem, we propose a low-complexity iterative pruning-based routing scheme that utilizes scheduling information to construct the spanning tree. A randomized version of this scheme is also discussed and numerical investigations reveal that the proposed iterative pruning algorithms outperform previously proposed routing schemes that aim to minimize the transmitted power or interference produced in the network without explicitly taking into account scheduling decisions.

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Friderikos, V., Papadaki, K. Interference Aware Routing for Minimum Frame Length Schedules in Wireless Mesh Networks. J Wireless Com Network 2008, 817876 (2008).

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