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A Mobility-Aware Link Enhancement Mechanism for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks


With the growth up of internet in mobile commerce, researchers have reproduced various mobile applications that vary from entertainment and commercial services to diagnostic and safety tools. Mobility management has widely been recognized as one of the most challenging problems for seamless access to wireless networks. In this paper, a novel link enhancement mechanism is proposed to deal with mobility management problem in vehicular ad hoc networks. Two machine learning techniques, namely, particle swarm optimization and fuzzy logic systems, are incorporated into the proposed schemes to enhance the accuracy of prediction of link break and congestion occurrence. The experimental results verify the effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed schemes.

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Huang, CJ., Chuang, YT., Yang, DX. et al. A Mobility-Aware Link Enhancement Mechanism for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks. J Wireless Com Network 2008, 862456 (2008).

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  • Particle Swarm Optimization
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Wireless Network
  • Particle Swarm
  • Learning Technique