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Table 1 System specification.

From: Real-Time Propagation Measurement System and Scattering Object Identification by 3D Visualization by Using VRML for ETC System

Array antenna  
Array geometry 8-element uniform linear array
Element spacing 25.77 mm (0.5 wavelength)
Antenna element Circularly polarized MSA
RF block  
RF frequency  GHz
Maximum input power  dBm
Noise figure  dB
Gain controller  dB
Bandwidth  MHz max.
Output signal Baseband or low IF
ADC block  
Input frequency  kHz  MHz
Sampling frequency  MHz
Quantization bit 14 bit
FIFO  k sample/ch
FPGA block  
FPGA Xilinx Virtex-II 2 M gate
FPGA memory about  k sample/ch