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Table 1 Link and system level simulation parameters for urban macrocellular scenario.

From: Multiresolution with Hierarchical Modulations for Long Term Evolution of UMTS

Transmission bandwidth 10 MHz
Cyclic prefix size 72
FFT Size 1024
Carriers space (kHz) 15
Available bandwidth 9 MHz
Sample time (ns) 130
Max Tx Power (dBm)/sector 46
Number of used subcarriers/sector 200
Number of used subcarriers/cell 600
Freq. Reuse 1/3
Subframe duration (ms) 0.5
Interfering cells transmit with % of Max Power 90
Cell Radius (m) 750
InterSite Distance (m) 1500
Cellular layout Hexagonal
Sectors 3 sectors/cell
Number of cell sites 19
Antenna gain of the base station 17.5 dBi
Width of beam of the antenna at dB 70 degrees
Front/Back ratio of the antenna 20 dB
Antenna pattern radiation of the base station Gaussian
Propagation Model Okumura-Hata
Downlink thermal noise  dBm
Cable Loss 3 dB
Fade out standard deviation due to shadowing 10 dB