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Table 1 Characteristics of the considered WiMAX system.

From: Comparison of the Link Budget with Experimental Performance of a WiMAX System

  Parameter Value
Settings PHY Carrier DL frequency 3.520 GHz
  Modulation adaptive BPSK 1/2, QPSK 1/2, QPSK 3/4, 16-QAM 1/2, 16-QAM 3/4, 64-QAM 2/3, 64-QAM 3/4
  Channel bandwidth 3.5 MHz
  Cyclic prefix 1/16
  BS power 35 dBm (3.2 W)
  Maximum theoretical throughput 12.7 Mbps
  15 m
  2.5 m
  BS antenna gain 14 dBi
  BS feeder loss 0.5 dB
  Polarization Vertical
  Electrical beam tilt
  Dimensions  mm
  CPE antenna gain 9.5 dBi
  Rx feeder loss 2.5 dB
  Distance between Rx antennas 15 cm