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Table 1 Radio propagation parameters.

From: Novel Heuristics for Cell Radius Determination in WCDMA Systems and Their Application to Strategic Planning Studies

Node B parameters Mobile terminal parameters
Height B (m) 50 Height (m) 1.75
Power (W) 10 Power (W) 0.25
Antenna gain (dB) 10 Antenna gain (dB) 0
Cable loss (dB) 3 Skin loss) 3
Noise figure (dB) 5 Noise figure (dB) 7
Frequency (MHz) 1950 Frequency (MHz) 2140
Common parameters
Log normal fading margin (dB) 7.3 Fast fading margin (dB) 2
UL intercell interference ratio 0.88 Soft handover gain 3
DL intercell interference ratio 0.88 Interference margin (dB) 6.02
Sectors 1