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Table 1 List of configurations in one measurement run.

From: Experimental Investigation of Cooperative Schemes on a Real-Time DSP-Based Testbed

Configuration Scheme Antenna diversity Selective option
1 Direct No No
2 AF No No
3 DF No No
4 CMRC No No
5 DSTC No No
6 SR No No
7 Direct Yes No
8 AF No No
9 DF Yes No
10 CMRC Yes No
11 DSTC Yes No
12 SR Yes No
13 Direct No No
14 AF No No
15 DF No Yes
16 CMRC No No
17 DSTC No Yes
18 SR No No
19 Direct Yes No
20 AF No No
21 DF Yes Yes
22 CMRC Yes No
23 DSTC Yes Yes
24 SR Yes No