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Table 1 Simulation parameters.

From: Busy Bursts for Trading off Throughput and Fairness in Cellular OFDMA-TDD

Parameters Value
Carrier centre frequency 3.95 GHz
System bandwidth 89.84 MHz
No. of subcarriers (SCs) 1840
Subcarriers spacing kHz
OFDM symbols/frame 30
OFDM symbol duration s
Frame duration 0.6912 ms
No. of chunks/frame 230
Chunk size 8 (freq.) 15 (time) = 120
PDU size 112 bits
Access probability 0.3
No. of sectors/cell 1
No. of users/cell 10
Tx power/chunk 16.4 dBm
Antenna gain 0 dBi
Noise level/chunk dBm
No. of snapshots 500
Snapshot duration 75 ms
User load 30 Mbps