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Polarimetric Kronecker Separability of Site-Specific Double-Directional Channel in an Urban Macrocellular Environment

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This paper focuses on the modeling of a double-directional power spectrum density (PSD) between the base station (BS) and mobile station (MS) based on the site-specific measurements in an urban macrocell in Tokyo. First, the authors investigate the Kronecker separability of the joint polarimetric angular PSD between the BS and MS by using the ergodic mutual information. The general form of the sum of channel polarization pair-wise Kronecker product approximation is proposed to be used to model the joint polarimetric angular PSD between the BS and MS. Finally, the double-directional PSD channel model is proposed and verified by comparing the cumulative distribution functions (CDFs) of the measured and modeled ergodic mutual information.

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Correspondence to Kriangsak Sivasondhivat.

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