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Table 1 Simulation configuration parameters.

From: An Empirical Model for Probability of Packet Reception in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

Parameter Value
IEEE 802.11p data rate 3 Mbps
Frequency 5.9 GHz
Packet size 382 bytes
Antenna height 1.5 m
Antenna gain 4 dB
Minimum contention window 15 slots
Radio propagation model Nakagami
Carrier sense threshold −96 dBm
Noise floor −99 dBm
SINR for preamble capture 4 dB
SINR for frame body capture 10 dB
Slot time 13 μ s
SIFS time 32 μ s
Preamble length 32 μ s
PLCP header length 13 μ s