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Table 3 Simulation parameters.

From: Dynamic Resource Partitioning for Downlink Femto-to-Macro-Cell Interference Avoidance

Parameter Value
Avg. apartment blocks per macro-cell sector
Avg. macro UEs per macro-cell sector 10
Inter-site distance 500 m
Individual apartment dimensions
HeNB deployment probability, 0.2
HeNB activation probability, 0.5
Femto UEs per active femto-cell 1
Downlink FDD band  GHz
Tot. number of available RBs, 50
RB bandwidth, 180 kHz
Thermal noise,  dBm/Hz
eNB transmit power per RB per sector, 29 dBm
HeNB transmit power per RB, 3 dBm
eNB antenna gain 14 dBi
Sectors per eNB 3
Min. distance between macro UE and eNB  m
Min. distance between femto UE and HeNB  m
Number of macro/femto UE Rx antennas 2 Rx
Wall penetration loss, 20 dB
Interference threshold,  dBm
Subframe time duration, 1 ms