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An IEEE 802.11 EDCA Model with Support for Analysing Networks with Misbehaving Nodes


We present a novel model of IEEE 802.11 EDCA with support for analysing networks with misbehaving nodes. In particular, we consider backoff misbehaviour. Firstly, we verify the model by extensive simulation analysis and by comparing it to three other IEEE 802.11 models. The results show that our model behaves satisfactorily and outperforms other widely acknowledged models. Secondly, a comparison with simulation results in several scenarios with misbehaving nodes proves that our model performs correctly for these scenarios. The proposed model can, therefore, be considered as an original contribution to the area of EDCA models and backoff misbehaviour.

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Szott, S., Natkaniec, M. & Pach, A. An IEEE 802.11 EDCA Model with Support for Analysing Networks with Misbehaving Nodes. J Wireless Com Network 2010, 209895 (2010).

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