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COSR: A Reputation-Based Secure Route Protocol in MANET


Now, the route protocols defined in the Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) are constructed in a common assumption which all nodes contained in such networks are trustworthy and cooperative. Once malicious or selfish nodes exist, all route paths built by these protocols must be broken immediately. According to the secure problems within MANET, this paper proposes Cooperative On-demand Secure Route (COSR), a novel secure source route protocol, against malicious and selfish behaviors. COSR measures node reputation (NR) and route reputation (RR) by contribution, Capability of Forwarding (CoF) and recommendation upon Dynamic Source Route (DSR) and uses RR to balance load to avoid hotpoint. Furthermore, COSR defines path collection algorithm by NR to enhance efficiency of protocol. At last, we verify COSR through GloMoSim. Results show that COSR is secure and stable.

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