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Table 1 Basic simulation parameters.

From: Performance of Some Metaheuristic Algorithms for Multiuser Detection in TTCM-Assisted Rank-Deficient SDMA-OFDM System

TTCM code parameters Modem 4QAM
  Code rate 1/2
  Component Codes RSC
  Constraint length 3
  Octal generator polynomial (7,5)
  Turbo interleaver length 124 bits
ABC Parameters Colony size 20
  Limit Value 5
  Iterations 10
PSO Parameters Population size 20
  Termination criteria Maximum number of iteration
  Population size 20
  Number of iterations 75
  Termination criteria Maximum number of iteration
  Population initialization method MMSE
GA Parameters Selection method Fitness-Propotionate
  Crossover Uniform crossover
  Mutation Uniform mutation
  Mutation probability 0.1
  Elitism Enabled
  Incest prevention Enabled
TGn Channel Parameters Paths 9
  Maximum Path Delay [0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80] ns
  Maximum Doppler shift 3 Hz