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MIMO Network Coding-Based PHY/MAC Protocol for Replacement of CSMA/CA in Efficient Two-Way Multihop Relay Networks


Backbone wireless mesh networks have attracted much of attention due to their wide-range applications. The use of CSMA/CA based MAC protocols in mesh networks, however, leads to an inefficient resource utilization, and to high latency. Several alternative protocols including directional MAC, multichannel MAC only provide marginal improvement. Recently, a cross-layer design employing multiple antenna techniques and network coding called MIMO network coding was proposed. Owing to multiple access interference cancellation ability of MIMO, bi-directional flow multiplexing capability of network coding in combination with an efficient channel access scheme of TDMA/TDD, MIMO two-way relay provides significantly high end-to-end capacity. In this paper, MIMO network coding is considered as an alternative PHY/MAC protocol of CSMA/CA. This paper provides details of the protocol and develops network simulators for performance evaluation. Furthermore, an efficient retransmission scheme for transmission system employing network coding is proposed. The paper shows that MIMO network coding achieves significant network performance improvement with respect to CSMA/CA mesh networks. The proposed retransmission scheme is also shown to be effective in terms of resource usage as well as QoS guarantee.

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Tran, G.K., Sakaguchi, K. & Araki, K. MIMO Network Coding-Based PHY/MAC Protocol for Replacement of CSMA/CA in Efficient Two-Way Multihop Relay Networks. J Wireless Com Network 2010, 476732 (2010).

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  • Mesh Network
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