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Table 1 List of typical sensor nodes.

From: A High-Accuracy Nonintrusive Networking Testbed for Wireless Sensor Networks

Name MCU Transceiver
Btnode Atmel ATmega 128L TI CC1000
Eyes TI MSP430F149 TR1001
EyesIFX v1-2 TI MSP430F149 TDA5250
IMote 2 Marvel PXA271 TI CC2420
Iris Atmel ATmega 128L Atmel AT86RF230
Mica Atmel ATmega 103 RFM TR1000
Mica2 Atmel ATmega 128L TI CC1000
MicaZ Atmel ATmega 128L TI CC2420
TelosB TI MSP430 TI CC2420