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Table 2 State transition table. Events that cannot occur in a given state are not accounted.

From: WING/WORLD: An Open Experimental Toolkit for the Design and Deployment of IEEE 802.11-Based Wireless Mesh Networks Testbeds

Current state Event Action Next state
null PlugNode NoRoute
NoRoute WiredUp Start Gateway Wired
NoRoute WiFiUpWiredUp Start Gateway WiFi
NoRoute CellularUpWiFiUpWiredUp Start Gateway Cellular
NoRoute NoneUp Star Relaying Relay
Wired LostCarrier Star Relaying Relay
WiFi WiredUp Wired
WiFi LostAssociation Star Relaying Relay
UMTS WiredUp Wired
UMTS Disconnect Star Relaying Relay
Relay WiredUp Start Gateway Wired
Relay WiFiUpWiredUp Start Gateway Wireless
Relay CellularUpWiFiUpWiredUp Start Gateway Cellular
Relay NoneUp Relay