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Table 1 Some applications employed in the testbed1.

From: Real-Time Emulation of Heterogeneous Wireless Networks with End-to-Edge Quality of Service Guarantees: The AROMA Testbed

End-to-end service End-to-end application Capturing software
  Server   Client
Web browsing Apache HTTP Internet Explorer
  Server Mozilla Firefox  
Video streaming Darwing Streaming QuickTime Pro Camtasia Studio Recorder
  Server VLC  
Video conference VIC  
Audio conference RAT Microsoft Sound Recorder
  1. pache HTTP Server, website:
  2. Internet Explorer, website:
  3. Mozilla Firefox, website:
  4. Darwin Streaming Server, website:
  5. QuickTime Pro, website:
  6. VLC media player, website:
  7. Video Conferencing Tool (VIC), website:
  8. Robust Audio Tool (RAT), website:
  9. NetMeeting, website:
  10. Camtasia Studio, website: