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Table 2 Actions performed in the case study.

From: Real-Time Emulation of Heterogeneous Wireless Networks with End-to-Edge Quality of Service Guarantees: The AROMA Testbed

  Action Comment Time
1 User starts session Interactive class, 64 kbps in downlink  
2 User starts file download FTP client/server 190 s
3 User modifies session throughput Increase downlink bandwidth to 96 kbps 220 s
4 User modifies service class to streaming (same throughput) Results in VHO due to the CRRM preferences for the streaming class 240 s
5 CRRM initiates VHO Due to the loss of coverage in the current RAN 270 s
6 User stops file download FTP client/server 310 s
7 User starts video streaming Video 64 kbps and audio 24 kbps 380 s
8 CRRM initiates VHO Due to CRRM preferences 440 s
9 Congestion in IR2 (current AR) Additionally generated traffic 460 s
10 BB suggests reconfiguration Results in VHO due to the congestion detection 540 s
11 User stops session Resources are released