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Table 1 Specification of RF4CE prototype board.

From: A Secure and Robust Connectivity Architecture for Smart Devices and Applications

General features Board size 30 x 29 [mm2]
  MCU Enhanced 8-bit 8051 (hardwired MAC and AES-128)
Processor/Radio P/N MG2455-F48 (Radiopulse)
  Memory 96 KB flash memory
   8 KB SRAM
  Etc. 16 Mhz crystal, 12-bit A/D, D/A converter
  Frequency range 2400–2483.5 [MHz]
  Data rate 250 kbps/500Kbps/1Mbps
  Transmit power 0 dBm
   (Rx Sensitivity -95 dBm)
  Antenna Chip antenna
Miscellaneous Current consumption 28 mA @ RF mode
   1uA @ Deep Sleep mode
  Power supply 1.5V alkaline battery (x2) (AA Size)
  RF connector SMA type RF connector