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Table 6 Framerates (avg. over 1000 frames) for different types of video streaming from TrustCAM to the control station via WiFi. The sensor delivers YUYV images at either or pixels. Optionally, they are converted to grayscale. Plain streaming shows the performance when images are JPEG compressed and streamed. For timestamping, image groups are timestamped by the TPM. The encryption column shows the achieved framerates if sensitive regions ( pixels) and the remaining background are encrypted before streaming. The last column presents the frames rates when doing both, encryption and timestamping.

From: Securing Embedded Smart Cameras with Trusted Computing

Resolution Color Format Plain Streaming Timestamping Encryption Encryption + Timestamping
Gray 24.6 fps 24.4 fps 24.3 fps 24.1 fps
  RGB24 23.8 fps 23.6 fps 22.3 fps 21.5 fps
Gray 12.8 fps 12.5 fps 11.8 fps 11.0 fps
  RGB24 6.5 fps 6.3 fps 5.9 fps 5.7 fps