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Table 2 Parameter settings.

From: Evaluating IEEE 802.15.4 for Cyber-Physical Systems

Parameter Value
Carrier frequency 2.4 GHz
Transmitter power 1 mW
Carrier sense sensitivity −85 dBm
Transmission range 176 m
Bit rate 250 Kbps
Traffic type exponential
Number of packets sent by every device (in nonbeacon enabled mode) 5000
Run time (in beacon-enabled mode) 1000 s
MaxBE 5
MinBE 3 (default)
MaxNB 4 (default)
MaxFrameRetries 3 (default)
MAC payload size (MSDU size) 60 Bytes (default)
Packet generation interval (in nonbeacon enabled mode) 0.025 s (default)
Packet generation interval (in beacon-enabled mode) 0.05 s
Superfame order (SO)(in beacon-enabled mode) 6 (default)
Beacon order (BO) (in beacon-enabled mode) 7 (default)
Number of devices (in beacon-enabled mode) 8