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Table 1 Main simulation parameters and values.

From: Efficient Control Channel Resource Allocation for VoIP in OFDMA-Based Packet Radio Networks

Parameter Value
Deployment scenario 3GPP LTE: Macro Case 1 and 3
  ITU IMT-A: indoor hotspot, urban microcell,
  urban macrocell, and rural macrocell
HARQ Asynchronous adaptive with chase combining
  Num. of stop-and-wait processes: 8
  Max. number of retransmissions: 3
Measurement time duration: 2 ms
  Measurement subband bandwidth: 360 KHz
  Narrowband error standard deviation: 1 dB
  Wideband error standard deviation: 0.2 dB
  Quantization step: 1 dB
  Feedback delay: 2 ms
  Measurement period: 5 ms
PDSCH Transmission power: 12 W (Macro scenario)
  Num. of data OFDM symbols per TTI: 11
  Num. of PRBs: 25
  Num. of subcarriers: 300
  BLER target: 10%
  OLLA step up: 0.5 dB
  OLLA step down: 0.05 dB
  Max. OLLA step up: 3 dB
  Max. OLLA step down: −1 dB
PDCCH Transmission power: 8 W (Macro scenario)
  Num. of control OFDM symbols per TTI: 3
  Num. of CCEs (REs): 10 (360)
  BLER target: 1%
  Max. power increase: +2 dB
  Max. power decrease: −4 dB