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CS-DRM: A Cloud-Based SIM DRM Scheme for Mobile Internet


With the rapid development and growth of the mobile industry, a considerable amount of mobile applications and services are available, which involve Internet scale data collections. Meanwhile, it has a tremendous impact on digital content providers as well as the mobile industry that a large number of digital content have been pirated and illegally distributed. Digital Rights Management (DRM) aims at protecting digital contents from being abused through regulating their usage. Unfortunately, to the best of our knowledge, fewer of these DRM schemes are concerned with the cost of the servers in a DRM system when the number of users scales up, and consider benefits of content providers who can be seen as tenants of a content server. In this paper, we propose CS-DRM, a cloud-based SIM DRM scheme, for the mobile Internet. The SIM card is introduced into CS-DRM to both reduce the cost and provide higher security. Also, the characteristics of cloud computing enable CS-DRM to bring benefits for content providers, and well satisfy the performance requirements with low cost when the number of users increases significantly. Furthermore, we have implemented a prototype of our DRM scheme, which demonstrates that CS-DRM is efficient, secure, and practicable.

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