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Iterative MIMO Turbo Multiuser Detection and Equalization for STTrC-Coded Systems with Unknown Interference


Iterative multiuser detection in a single-carrier broadband multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) system is studied in this paper. A minimum mean squared error (MMSE) low-complexity multiuser receiver is derived for space-division multiple-access (SDMA) space-time trellis-coded (STTrC) systems in frequency-selective fading channels. The receiver uses MMSE filtering to jointly detect several transmit antennas of the user of interest, while the interference from the undetected transmit antennas, cochannel interference (CCI), and intersymbol interference (ISI) are all cancelled by the soft cancellation. The performances of two extreme receiver cases are evaluated. In the first case, only one transmit antenna of the user of interest is detected at a time and the remaining ones are cancelled by soft cancellation. In the second case, all the transmit antennas are detected jointly. The comparison of the two cases shows improvement with the latter one, both in single-user and multiuser communications and in the presence of unknown cochannel interference (UCCI). It is further shown that in the multiuser case, the proposed receivers approach the corresponding single-user bounds. The number of receive antenna elements required to achieve single-user bound is thereby equal to the number of users and not to the total number of transmit antennas.

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Veselinovic, N., Matsumoto, T. & Juntti, M. Iterative MIMO Turbo Multiuser Detection and Equalization for STTrC-Coded Systems with Unknown Interference. J Wireless Com Network 2004, 152856 (2004).

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  • turbo equalization
  • multiuser detection
  • space-time codes
  • cochannel interference