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Blind Decoding of Multiple Description Codes over OFDM Systems via Sequential Monte Carlo

EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking20052005:782804

Received: 1 May 2004

Published: 28 April 2005


We consider the problem of transmitting a continuous source through an OFDM system. Multiple description scalar quantization (MDSQ) is applied to the source signal, resulting in two correlated source descriptions. The two descriptions are then OFDM modulated and transmitted through two parallel frequency-selective fading channels. At the receiver, a blind turbo receiver is developed for joint OFDM demodulation and MDSQ decoding. Transformation of the extrinsic information of the two descriptions are exchanged between each other to improve system performance. A blind soft-input soft-output OFDM detector is developed, which is based on the techniques of importance sampling and resampling. Such a detector is capable of exchanging the so-called extrinsic information with the other component in the above turbo receiver, and successively improving the overall receiver performance. Finally, we also treat channel-coded systems, and a novel blind turbo receiver is developed for joint demodulation, channel decoding, and MDSQ source decoding.


multiple description codesOFDMfrequency-selective fadingsequential Monte Carloturbo receiver

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Texas Instruments Inc
Department of Electrical Engineering, Columbia University


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