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Software-Defined Radio—Basics and Evolution to Cognitive Radio

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We provide a brief overview over the development of software-defined or reconfigurable radio systems. The need for software-defined radios is underlined and the most important notions used for such reconfigurable transceivers are thoroughly defined. The role of standards in radio development is emphasized and the usage of transmission mode parameters in the construction of software-defined radios is described. The software communications architecture is introduced as an example for a framework that allows an object-oriented development of software-defined radios. Cognitive radios are introduced as the next step in radio systems' evolution. The need for cognitive radios is exemplified by a comparison of present and advanced spectrum management strategies.

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Correspondence to Friedrich K Jondral.

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  • software-defined radio
  • reconfigurable transceiver
  • mobile communication standards
  • cognitive radio
  • advanced spectrum management