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Transceiver Design Concept for Cellular and Multispot Diffusing Regimes of Transmission


A number of attempts have been made in an effort to combine the advantages of line-of-sight and diffuse configurations for indoor optical wireless communications via sophisticated combinations of elements that are characteristic for these architectures. A different approach has been followed in the present investigation, namely, developing a transceiver capable of operating in both configurations. It is proposed that the transceiver design be based on the utilization of two-dimensional arrays of infrared light-emitting devices and photodetectors. Basic design parameters of transceiver optics are derived from considerations about link blockage and system compliance with the unique features of line-of-sight and diffuse methods of transmission.

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Jivkova, S., Kavehrad, M. Transceiver Design Concept for Cellular and Multispot Diffusing Regimes of Transmission. J Wireless Com Network 2005, 201287 (2005).

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