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Intersymbol Decorrelating Detector for Asynchronous CDMA Networks with Multipath


Most reported multiuser detection techniques for CDMA systems need the channel estimation including the delay spread and the parameters of the multipath channel of the desired user. This paper proposes an intersymbol decorrelating detector that makes use of the cross-correlation matrix constructed by the consecutively received symbols. The proposed detector is attractive for its simplicity because no channel estimation is required except for the synchronization of the desired user. Compared with other reported multiuser detectors, simulation results show that the proposed detector provides a good performance when the active users have significant intersymbol interference.

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Zhang, G., Bi, G. & Yu, Q. Intersymbol Decorrelating Detector for Asynchronous CDMA Networks with Multipath. J Wireless Com Network 2005, 523293 (2005).

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  • blind multiuser detection
  • cross-correlation matrix
  • multipath
  • decorrelating detector