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Supporting QoS in MANET by a Fuzzy Priority Scheduler and Performance Analysis with Multicast Routing Protocols

EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking20052005:181740

Received: 5 November 2004

Published: 1 August 2005


Mobile ad hoc network is an autonomous system of mobile nodes characterized by wireless links. The major challenge in ad hoc networks lies in adapting multicast communication to environments, where mobility is unlimited and failures are frequent. Such problems increase the delays and decrease the throughput. To meet these challenges, to provide QoS, and hence to improve the performance, a scheduler can be used. In this paper we design a fuzzy-based priority scheduler to determine the priority of the packets. The performance of the scheduler is studied with the multicast routing protocols. The scheduler is evaluated in terms of the quantitative metrics such as packet delivery ratio and average end-to-end delay and the results are found to be encouraging.


mobile ad hoc networks scheduling algorithms multicast routing protocols fuzzy logic

Authors’ Affiliations

Telematics Lab, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Anna University
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Anna University


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