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Table 2 Value of parameters used in simulation

From: Clustering and OFDMA-based MAC protocol (COMAC) for vehicular ad hoc networks

Parameter Value
Modulation and data rate QPSK, r d = 6 Mbps
Message sizes (L) 100 × 8 Bits
Vehicle's speed 80-120 Km/h
Communication range (R=Rh) 300 m (P t = 109 μ W)
Communication range (R=Rl) 200 m (P t = 48 μ W)
Smoothing factor (ζ) 0.5
Control channel interval (CCI) 100 ms
Cluster maintenance time (Tf) 10 s
Safety time (ts) 3 s
ε 0.1
ρ 1
Number of lanes (W) 4
Simulation time 1,000 s
Received power threshold (R xTh ) 3.162e-13
Noise-floor 1.26e-14
T tx &T rx antennas heights 1.5 m
T tx &T rx antennas gain G t = G r 4
Slot time (σ) 13 μ s
Propagation delay (δ) 1 μ s