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Table 1 Summary of model's symbols

From: Uncertainty area-based interference mitigation for cognitive radio

S T : Set of all transmitting SNs
S P : Set of all PAs
i: Any given transmitting SN (i S T )
j: Any given receiving SN
p: Any given PA (p S P )
G T (i): i's antenna gain
G R (j): j 's antenna gain
θ (i)/θ (j): i's/j's beamwidth
d (i,p): Distance between i and p
d0: Far-field distance, d(i,p) ≥ d0
α: Path loss exponent
C (i,p): Random slow fading between i and p
σ C : Slow fading standard deviation
P T (i): i's transmission power
rINT (i,p): Interference radius from i to p
rINT,e(i,p): MANET estimate of rINT (i,p)
I R (i,p): Received interference from i to p
IR,e(i,p): MANET estimate of I R (i,p)
PMNZ: Minimum non-zero power threshold
r MNZ (i): Distance from i to reach P MNZ
I A (p): p's aggregate interference
IA,e(p): MANET estimate of I A (p)
IA,o(p): p's aggregate interference offset
μ x (p): MANET estimate of p's mean x location
μ y (p): MANET estimate of p's mean y location
σ x (p): MANET estimate of p's std x location
σ y (p): MANET estimate of p's std y location
λ (p): p's UA inclination
ΩUC (p): p's Uncertainty coefficient
AUC (p): p's UA semimajor axis
B UC (p): p's UA semiminor axis
IA,UM(p): I A (p)'s Underestimation margin
Eout,UM (p): IA,UM(p)'s outage event
Pout,UM (p): Occurrence probability of Eout,UM (p)
ηUM (p): Max. acceptable value of Pout,UM (p)
IA,OM: I A (SP)'s Overestimation margin
Eout,OM (p): IA,OM's outage event for p
Pout,OM (p): Occurrence probability of Eout,OM (p)
ηOM: Max. acceptable value of Pout,OM (S P )