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Table 3 Pseudocode of the Stage II in ICASST Scheme

From: Interference-constrained adaptive simultaneous spectrum sensing and data transmission scheme for unslotted cognitive radio network

Stage I Adaptive Transmission
   SET the index j to 1;
   Judgement: IF Q(t) > Qth THEN
Estimate tsp2 with the algorithm stated in Section 5.3;
Calculate T 2 j according to the algorithm stated in Section 5.2;
SU Tx sends T 2 j to SU Rx;
Calculate the transmission power P s with the algorithm stated in section 5.1;
SU Tx transmits data with transmission time T 2 j and transmission power P s ;
SU Rx feeds the sensing result ChannelState back to SU Rx at the end of T 2 j ;
j = j + 1;
IF ChannelState = Idle THEN
CALL Stage I Adaptive Transmission;
GOTO Judgment;
   SU Tx waits T w seconds;
GOTO Judgment;