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Table 1 List of the notations used throughout this article

From: Joint resource allocations for remote radio head deployments with coherent transmitter

Notations Explanation
M The total RRH port number
K The total user number
N The total subcarrier number
W The system bandwidth
m, n, k The index of RRH port, subcarrier and user, respectively
l k [m, n] The large-scale channel fading
h k [m, n] The channel impulse response
ρ k [n] The subcarrier assignment indicator
k [ n ] A set of RRH ports for the transmission of a subcarrier
P T The total system power
P The power limit of each RRH port
y k [n] The receiving signal
x k [n] The unitary transmitted symbol
z k [n] The additive Gaussian noise
N 0 The noise power
ω k [n] The transmit weight vector
γ k [n] The receiving SNR
G k [m, n] The combined channel gain
C k [n] The spectrum efficiency
( ) The Lagrangian function
g() The Lagrangian dual function
α, β, λ The Lagrangian multipliers
Δα, Δβ, Δλ The sub-gradients of Lagrangian multipliers
J ( ) The dual decomposition function
η The energy efficiency
μ k [n] The power-scaling coefficient