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Table 2 Simulation parameters

From: Joint resource allocations for remote radio head deployments with coherent transmitter

Parameters Assumption
Scenario 3GPP Case 1; resource block number, 50
Cellular layout Cell radius ( 500 / 3 ) m ; with 2-7 RRH ports
RRH port position (500/3) m to the center (besides the central one)
UE distribution 30 users in total, uniform distribution
Minimum distance From users to RRH ports, 10 m
Tx power 46 dBm in total
Path loss L = 140.7 + 36.7 log10(R), for 2GHz, R-distance in km
Shadowing Standard deviation: 10 dB for RRH ports to users
Others Penetration loss, 20 dB; RRH/user antenna gain, 5/0 dBi