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Table 1 Basic parameters used in the performance assessment

From: Application of MIH for the lightweight deployment of LTE-advanced systems through mobile relaying

Scenarios/speed (km/h)/radius (m) InH/3/20 UMi/3/67
  UMa/30/167 RMA/120/577
Number of active nodes 10
Number of idle nodes 50
Packet size (bytes) 128
Application rate (Mbps) 4 (InH)/2 (UMi, UMa)
TTT (ms) 100
WiFi carrier frequency (GHz) 2.4
WiFi bandwidth (MHz) 20
WiFi transmission power (dBm) 15
WiFi antenna configuration 1 × 1
LTE-A antenna configuration 1 × 2
LTE-A bandwidth (MHz) 10