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Table 2 Definition of objects

From: A web-based two-layered integration framework for smart devices

Object Definition
Customer Elderly patients who need assistance from caregivers via packaged caring services
Caregivers who are in charge of the elderly patients via the packaged caring services, such as nurse or relatives
CSP The role that delivers packaged caring services to the customers
Integrator The role that provides IP and service to compose other organizational applications
PV The role that provides assisted caring devices
TSP The role that provides legacy back-end system which could be integrated by CSP, such as PAS and PHR
PS A composite service that integrates device products of each manufacturer and other back-end services
IP An entity that provides service composition middleware
LA The back-end system which is provided by TSP, such as the PAS and PHR. These systems are usually enabled via ESB or RESTful web service by default in the case
SD An entity that is used for sensing, monitoring and assisting elderly patients