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Table 1 Notations

From: Content aware optimization for video delivery over WCDMA

Symbol Description
N Number of users
n Number of frames in a GOP
f ij Video frame j of user i
f ij Reconstructed frame if f ij is dropped
λ( f ij ) Length (in bytes) of frame f ij
t DTS( f ij ) DTS of frame f ij
r( f ij ) Rate required to transmit frame f ij
δ i Difference in DTSs between consecutive frames of user i
Λ i Set of dropped frames by user i
d(f ij , f ij ) Frame-level PSNR distortion metric
D i ( Λ i ) Distortion per GOP of user i due to frame drop
R i ( Λ i ) Required rate per GOP for user i
p ij Transmit power for frame f ij
θ ij Indicator variable for scheduling frame f ij
p max Maximum transmit power
γ ij Received SINR at base station for frame f ij
Z thresh Pre-determined RoT threshold