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Table 1 System model parameters

From: Power spectrum optimization for interference mitigation via iterative function evaluation

Cellular layout Hexagonal
Number of ANs 7
Frequency Reuse 1
Number of RTs per AN 4
AN-to-AN Distance d 1
AN-to-RT Distance d 2
Duplex TDD
Channel Bandwidth 10 MHz
AN Max Tx Power per Subcarrier -32.70 dBw
SINR Gap 12 dB
Total Noise Power Per Subcarrier -158.61 dBw
BS Tx Antenna No. 1
MS Rx Antenna No. 1
Sampling Frequency 11.2 MHz
FFT Size 1024
Distance-dependent Path Loss 128.1+37.6 log 10 (d)
Multipath Delay Profile SUI-3 Terrain type B