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Table 1 Power consumption of the macrocell base station components

From: Characterization and optimization of the power consumption in wireless access networks by taking daily traffic variations into account

Equipment   Macrocell
   base station
Number of sectors n sector 3
Number of transmitting n Tx 1
antennas per sector   
Digital signal processing P el/proc 100 W
Power amplifier η 12.8 %
Transceiver P el/trans 100 W
Rectifier P el/rect 100 W
Air conditioning P el/airco 225 W
Microwave link P el/link 80 W
  P el/const 605 W
  P el/load 1067.7 W
Total BS (F = 0) P el/macro 605 W
Total BS (F = 1) P el/macro 1672.7 W