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Table 2 Simulation parameter list

From: Adaptive resource allocation for cognitive radio networks with multiple primary networks

Parameter Value
Number of PRN: S 3
Distance between CBS and PBS: 2d 2000 m
Height of base station hBS: 32 m
Height of mobility station: hMS 1.5 m
Number of SU:K 10–30
Total power limit of PRN 1: P total 1 5 W
Total power limit of PRN 2: P total 2 10 W
Total Power Limit of PRN 3: P total 3 5 W
Center frequency of PRN 1: F1 1805 MHz
Center frequency of PRN 2: F2 1930 MHz
Center frequency of PRN 3: F3 2110 MHz
Maximal available bandwidth: 330 MHz
Bandwidth of each subchannel: W 180 kHz
Bandpass limit of SU: F k lim k 200 MHz
BER limit of SU: BERmin 10−3
Proportional fairness: Φ 0.99
Number of particle:Npso 200
Maximal iteration of subchannel 100
Maximal iteration of power 100