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Table 4 WiMAX management message types

From: New combined WiMAX/DSRC infrastructure design for efficient vehicular networking

Message name Type Spec definition Description
RNG-REQ 4 A message from an SS/RS node requesting ranging information
RNG-RSP 5 The reply from the BS/RS with ranging information and basic/PMCID parameters
REG-REQ 6 A request from an SS/RS node to finalize registration on the WiMAX network
REG-RSP 7 A reply from the BS node confirming or denying registration. Tunnel CIDs for RS nodes are provided at this point as well
PKM-REQ/PKM-RSP 9/10 Key sharing for authentication and securing of the connection
DSA-REQ 11 A request from an SS node to open a service flow with the BS node
DSA-RSP 12 The BS reply. If successful, includes the CID for the service flow
DSA-ACK 13 Acknowledgement by SS of the new service flow
MOB_BSHO-REQ 56 A request from the BS node to an SS node to initiate a handover process
MOB_MSHO-REQ 57 A request from the SS node to initiate a handover process
MOB_BSHO-RSP 58 A reply from the BS node confirming initiation of the handover process
MOB_HO-IND 59 Indication from the SS node that the handover process is complete