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Table 5 Simulation configurations

From: A novel unequal error protection scheme for 3-D video transmission over cooperative MIMO-OFDM systems

System parameters Value
Source coding H.264/AVC
Tested sequence Car
Video sequence dimensions (432x240) pixels
Tested video frames 30
Down sampling factor 2:1
GoP 10
Fading channel Quasi-static Rayleigh fading
Noise channel AWGN
Relay protocol AF
No. of antennas for source 2
No. of antennas for relay 2
No. of antennas for destination 2
CRC 16
Code rates 4/16, 8/16, and 13/16 for UEP
  13/16 for EEP
Diversity technique Alamouti scheme
Guard period ratio 1/4
OFDM sub-channels 1024