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Table 1 List of abbreviations

From: Ten years of research in spectrum sensing and sharing in cognitive radio

AF Amplify-and-forward
AWGN Additive white Gaussian noise
BS Base station
CAF Cyclic autocorrelation function
CR Cognitive radio
CSD Cyclic spectrum density
CSS Cooperative spectrum sensing
DoD Department of defense
DR Detect-and-relay
ECC Electronic Communications Committee
FCC Federal Communications Commission
GLRT Generalized likelihood ratio test
HDD Hard-decision-based detection
IPC Interference powers constraint
LRT Likelihood ratio test
LTE-A LTE-Advanced
MIMO Multiple-input multiple-output
MLE Maximum likelihood estimate
MME Maximum-minimum eigenvalue
MMSE Minimum mean-square-error
NE Nash equilibrium
NP Neyman-Pearson
Ofcom Office of Communications
OFDMA Orthogonal frequency division multiple access
OPC Outage probability constraint
OSA Opportunistic spectrum access
OSO Opportunistic spatial orthogonalization
PDF Probability density function
PSD Power spectral density
PU Primary user
QAM Quadrature amplitude modulation
QoS Quality of service
QCQP Quadratically constrained quadratic problem
RF Radio-front
RLC Rate loss constraint
ROC Receiver operating characteristics
SBS Secondary base station
SDD Soft-decision-based detection
SDR Semidefinite relaxation
SFD Spectral feature detector
SH Spectrum holes
SINR Signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio
SNR Signal-to-noise ratio
SPRT Sequential probability ratio test
SU Secondary user
TPA Transmit power allocation
TPC Transmit power constraint
XG Next generation