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Table 1 Stochastic models for traffic types

From: Femtocell interference analysis based on the development of system-level LTE simulator

Traffic type Component Stochastic model Parameters
FTP File size Truncated Mean: 2 MB
   log normal Std. dev.: 0.722 MB
   distribution Max: 5 MB
Web Number of Log normal Mean: 17
browsing pages per session distribution 22
(HTTP) Main object size Truncated Mean: 10710 Bytes
   log normal 25032 Bytes
   distribution Max: 2 MB
    Min: 100 Bytes
  Embedded object Truncated Mean: 7758 Bytes
  size log normal 126168 Bytes
   distribution Max: 2 MB
    Min: 50 Bytes
  Number of Truncated Mean: 5.64
  embedded objects Pareto Max: 53
  per pages distribution  
  Reading time Exponential Mean: 30 s
  Parsing time Exponential Mean: 0.13 s
Video Session Deterministic 3600 s
(64 kbps) duration(movie)   
  Inter-arrival time Deterministic 100 ms
  between the   (based on
  beginning of   10 frames
  each frame   per second
  Number of packets Deterministic 8 packets per frame
  (slices) in a frame   
  Packet size Truncated Mean: 50 Bytes
   Pareto Max: 250 Bytes
  Inter-arrival time Truncated Mean: 50 Bytes
  between the Pareto Max: 12.5 ms
  packets in a frame distribution  
VoIP Average call Exponential Mean: 210 s
  holding time distribution  
  Voice CODEC AMR 12.2 kbps
  Frame length Deterministic 20 ms
  Talk spurt length Exponential Mean: 1026 ms
  Silence length Exponential Mean: 1171 ms